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Harnessing AI for a Multicultural Streaming Experience

Spell Movies, based in the United States, is a consumer focused, new-media technology company in the TMT space.

At Spell, we are harnessing AI to bring a unique multicultural streaming experience for its inclusive audience.

We strive to bring people together by building diverse communities through streaming movies and shows from around the world in languages viewers prefer.

With a unique blend of past 16 years experience in diverse emerging markets as exclusive licensee of major Hollywood and International Studios, namely 20th Century Fox, MGM, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and Eros International, for home video and digital; together with a deep first-hand understanding of multicultural consumers, Spell has launched a new disruptive streaming service in North America that bridges diverse cultures and brings people closer.



Spell has rolled out its AI-enabled multicultural streaming service featuring movies, shows, documentaries, music, kids programming, anime and sports from around the world in viewer’s preferred languages. Content is available in multiple audio languages and subtitles in 32 languages.

Stream the world your way!

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